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imPRESS Press-on-Mani & Pedi Bundles - Toes in the Sand


The best of imPRESS: 4-pc. bundle includes four pedicure designs (styles Bubbles, Firefly, Mermaid and Fancy Feet). The ready-to-wear gel pedis take minutes to apply and stay put for days! • Comfortable, secure fit for a seamless natural look

  • Patented SuperHold adhesive 
  • No glue needed, safe on natural nails & easy removal! 
  • Chip proof, smudge proof & No dry time! 
  • Includes 30 toenails, prep pad, file, wood stick
  • Use included cuticle stick to push back any excess skin. 
  • Size the impress prior to application. The number is indicated on a tab on each nail, 1 is largest, 11 is the smallest. When you are in between sizes go smaller, not larger. Align nail tab side facing the cuticle.
  • The prep pad is the most important step, to clean and remove dirt for better adhesion.
  • Peel backing from nail, then press down in the center and press both sides at the same time. 
  • If there is exposed adhesive take a clear coat and put it between your nail and the imPRESS and press down.