Get your mani gear in order

Get your mani gear in order


Doing a selfie mani is not only budget friendly, it’s a great way to treat yourself to pampering time, while letting your creativity out to play! With imPRESS, you get a generous set of 30 false press-on nails, including 6 accent nails, so there are plenty of leftover nails to stash away for future use. Read on for fun tips on how to utilize and store your artificial nails, plus some space saving ideas for all those mani supplies!

Clever Custom Nail Looks

Staying smart and stylish means not wasting your beauty supplies and instead getting creative about your look! Save your extra press-on nails to use to create a custom look with your next order from imPRESS! To really make a statement, use a different accent nail on each finger for a super bold and out there look that’s perfect for a party. Or, take a subtler approach by using just one or two nails from a different set as accents. Try mixing colors and textures—think classic French tips with a sparkly accent nail, or bold red nails with a pop of gold on the pinky! Now that imPRESS has introduced a Press-on Pedicure, these same tips translate beautifully for your toes.

Keeping it Cute and Contained!

The fun of doing your own manicure fizzles out if you have messy pile of nail supplies taking up space & even cluttering your home. Organize your nail supplies, including extra nails, nail glue, plus fun accents like rhinestones or nail art brushes, using one of our easy ideas below!

  • Designate a drawer in your home for nail supplies. Use small plastic containers or zip lock baggies for each type of supply, from polish to false nails to tools like clippers. When you open the drawer, you can whip out all your gear and get to work!
  • Over-the-door shoe or jewelry organizers with pockets galore are true space-savers, with plenty of room to store your mani and pedi supplies.
  • Tackle it with a fishing tackle box; these have an ample supply of small divided sections for all of your supplies, and in some cases the sections have movable dividers that make them adjustable.
  • Get vintage with it, and pick up a classic sewing box from a thrift store or a yard sale. Instead of needle, thread, and pins, you can store all of your nail supplies in something cute and feminine with a little bit of history.
  • Want to see your nail supplies to stay inspired? Try installing a simple wall shelf to display all of your polishes, and include a clear plastic box, or even a clean glass mason jar or spice jar, to store all your extra nails. This way you can see what you’re working with, and get inspired to try new color combos!

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