Shield Your Nails from UV Damage!

Shield Your Nails from UV Damage!

UV Protection: a must for fingers and toes!

When the weather turns summery, wise fashionistas know that one of their best accessories is high quality sunscreen! Keeping your skin protected from harmful UV rays is key to preserving youthful, luminous skin for years to come, but did you know that your nails also need UV protection? It’s true—dermatologists have been sharing concerns about nail salons, where exposure to UVA rays in heating and drying lamps is common, but traditional outdoor tanning can also increase your risk for nail problems.

Even if you’re not a beach bunny, there are still plenty of opportunities for your nails to get exposure to harmful UV rays. From driving in a sun-filled car with the windows down, to enjoying a lazy afternoon at an outdoor barbecue, lengthy exposure to the sun without protection is simply dangerous. Start protecting your nails by doing something fun—give yourself a manicure!

Protecting Your Perfect 10!

We all know that sunscreen helps protect skin from sun damage, but have you ever thought about why? Sunscreen physically blocks UV rays using blockers like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Similarly, a layer of light clothing that’s tightly woven or has a UPF (UV Protection Factor) can protect your skin, and a full coverage lipstick at the beach not only looks glamorous, but it also provides a physical barrier to the sun’s most harmful rays.

To add a layer of protection for your hands and feet, try this simple how-to guide for skin protection. First, always use your sunscreen all the way down to your fingertips (& don’t forget your toes!). For your nails, try adding a sun safe top coat to finish off your polish. If you don’t wear nail polish, or if you want to be really safe with total physical protection from UV rays, simply apply imPRESS press-on nails. While our artificial nails do not contain sunscreen, the false nails will block all light, including harmful rays. Simply choose the manicure or pedicure style that works best with your look, from a classic French manicure to something a bit bolder, then press on perfect looking sun protection in minutes. Applying your own DIY fake nails will not only elevate your look, but will also protect your pretty nails from damage—now that’s a summertime win-win!