Mermaid Nails: This Summer's Nail Art Design Trend

Mermaid Nails: This Summer's Nail Art Design Trend

Every season we ask the same question “Is nail art still relevant?” And so far, each season, the answer is a resounding “YES”! Whether it’s your entire mani or just a few favorite fingers—nail art is very much an ongoing fashion statement. This summer we’re seeing all sorts of beach-inspired manicures but our favorite, hands down, is Mermaid Nail Art!

From ocean-esque iridescence and nautical-themed accents to cool shimmers of glitter, there’s so much to choose from to create your own customized mer-mani style. KISS's Salon Secrets Nail Art kit is all the nail art inspo you need—use it on your own nails, imPRESS Manicure or KISS 100-Count nails—and get as creative as you want.

Craft playful designs with a rainbow of mermaid-y shades and add subtle splashes of glitter or seaside charms—you can even paint scales onto nails for true mermaid flair. Check out some of these cool ideas!

So whether you're under the sea or tanning shore-side, make sure your mani reflects the latest DIY design trend—and don't forget to 'gram them! #imPRESSmanicure

You can also check out some pre-designed maritime manis from imPRESS!