Take imPRESS on Vacay!

Take imPRESS on Vacay!

Summer is here– time to take a break from the grind and unwind! If you've got a weekend getaway planned, or even a full on vacation in the works, make sure to stock up on imPRESS press-on nails to slay all day during your well-deserved time off. So, why should a set of imPRESS nails be your go to travel must have?

1. Maintenance Free. Unlike a typical manicure with nail polish from the nail salon, imPRESS won’t chip or give you any other drama while you’re trying to kick back and relax. Simply apply and enjoy a no fuss, long lasting look until you’re ready to change it up!

2. Waterproof. Ready to hit the pool or the beach? Follow your heart, mermaid! imPRESS nails are totally waterproof so you can wade, splash, swim, or even rock a waterslide with no worries!

3. Travel Friendly. Tossing an imPRESS kit into your bag will give you everything you need to stay stylish on your trip. Our kits are fully stocked with extra nails in case of emergency, plus you can get full manicure and pedicure kits to enjoy a “perfect 20” at your vacay destination.

4. Always On Trend. Maybe most important of all? imPRESS offers affordable, on trend looks so you can try out the latest styles without having to sink a ton of that precious vacation cash into expensive false nails. Choose from classic to medium length to ovals and everything in between! Bring a few sets to play around in or share with friends, and use your time off as an excuse to experiment with bold new looks.

Whether you’re headed for a staycation or a trip around the world, here at imPRESS, we’re wishing you and your whole crew a safe and happy summer. Remember to stay hydrated and slather on the sunscreen to keep your bod refreshed and healthy, and tag us in those vacation selfies that show off your perfect summer claws!