Surrender to the Dark Side

Surrender to the Dark Side

Surrender to the Dark Side

By Janene Mascarella

With fall in full swing and Halloween creeping up quickly, now is the perfect time to darken your entire beauty routine. Deep shades can indeed be flattering and there’s no need to be afraid! Here are my favorite ways to add some daring day-to-night drama...


If you’re hesitant in any way to deepen your makeup look but feel totally in the dark on how to do it, nails are simply the best place to start. Some of the hottest shades this season are blood red, black, and forest green, but when it comes to adding a little mystery, deep purple reigns supreme. Haunting but not over the top, imPRESS Press-on Medium Manicure in ‘Overflowed’ has an alluring flair that will certainly elevate your Halloween spirit.

imPRESS Halloween Manicure

For something slightly more sinister, these KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in ‘Maleficent’ will crown you the fairest (and most fashionable!) of them all this fall. (YAAS, QUEEN!)

KISS Halloween Gel Fantasy Nails



Adding deeper shades to your lips goes without saying – it’s a fast and fabulous way to dramatize your look. If you’re going to dive into deep hues, it’s a good idea to prep your lips first so they are soft and smooth to keep the shade looking true. A simple DIY scrub using one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of sugar ought to do the trick! Massage on lips for a few minutes, rinse off, pat dry and you’re ready to rock this Color Squad Cream Lipstick in ‘Thirsty’.


JOAH Beauty Color Squad Lipstick in Thirsty


If you need to add something striking to your look, lashes are the fastest way to do it! Heading out after work or Halloween party-prepping, having these KISS Halloween Lashes in ‘Vixen’ on hand will have you looking phenomenal in a flash. The lush lashes have a subtle touch of sparkle - just enough to make your stare look magical.


KISS Halloween Lashes in Vixen