Spring Clean Your Makeup

Spring Clean Your Makeup

Spring Clean: How to Get your Makeup & Mani Stash in Order

Come spring, get a move on cleaning up your cosmetics stash and putting things in order! Organizing your stuff will save you time, energy and money; it might even keep you healthier, since some well used makeup can get pretty yucky, no matter how clean you are. Where to start your beauty spring cleaning? Here’s a helpful strategy:

1. Toss: Any makeup that has passed its expiration date or that you’re unsure of. Get rid of mascara that’s more than three months old, and discard any product that is dried out, smells funny, has changed color or is broken (no use saving orphan false nails, worn emery boards or near empty cuticle creams, for instance). Also, be honest about what you plan to use and what’s simply hanging around because you paid for it. There’s no reason to clutter your life with anything you don’t need.

2. Consolidate: These days so many products perform more than one job, it’s easy to make due with less “stuff.” For example, get rid of all those dried-out bottles of nail polish and replace them with updated basecoat, color and top coat in one. Even better: Stop messing with at-home manis and all the products involved and stock up on imPRESS Press-on Manicure instead. These DIY one-step gel nails take minutes to apply and wear for 7 days. Another ideal option is single use multi-tasking products like KISS Hand & Nail Argan Oil Hydrating Mask Gloves, which don’t hog up storage space.

3. Clean: Sharpen makeup pencils. Wash makeup brushes and makeup sponges with liquid soap or baby shampoo. Sanitize manicure items like nail clippers, non-disposable nail files and cuticle nippers by washing with soap and water and wiping them down with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball.

4. Store: Air tight, see-through shallow boxes are a great way to keep makeup clean and view what you have on hand. Nail polish and other manicure and pedicure products will stay organized and upright in cutlery trays or kitchen drawer organizers. Keep lightweight products like false eyelashes, lash glue, artificial nails and nail art supplies in order in a clear vinyl hanging shoe organizer with pockets. You own cosmetics because you want to feel your best and being calm and organized can help you stay that way. It all makes sense!