SKIN TLC for Hands and Feet

SKIN TLC for Hands and Feet

It’s a no brainer that your hands and feet are over used–and abused, so take some pity on ‘em! Your poor tootsies pound the pavement, cramped into dark sweaty shoes. Hardworking hands deserve equal sympathy…texting, fixing, washing, scrubbing, they really take a beating. These “worker bees” need–and deserve–TLC, so give them the VIP treatment:


They say a woman's hands tell her age. To disprove this, shield them from UV rays, to keep wrinkles & age spots away. Your feet are less exposed to UV rays on an everyday basis, so even minimal sun exposure sets them up for sunburn. Sunscreen to the rescue! Slather sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher on your hands and feet when you’re outdoors, and reapply after swimming. For year round protection, apply body lotion with an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen before going outdoors, every day.

Go gentle:

Ideally, wash your hands with lukewarm water–too hot or too cold water can dry out or irritate the skin. Any hand soap will suffice, but dishwashing liquid can be harsh. Douse your hands with lotion after hand washing to keep them soft and hydrated.


Devote a few minutes each week to exfoliate your hands and feet with a gritty scrub to slough dirt and dead skin cell buildup away. You can use store bought scrubbing grains, or DIY by mixing coarse salt, olive oil and lemon juice to form a paste.


It’s amazing the difference rubber gloves make for washing dishes or other messy or wet work.  In addition to protecting against dryness and irritation, they extend the life of your mani, whether you wear nail polish or press-on nails.


Deep moisturize hands and feet overnight by slathering them with petroleum jelly or thick hand or foot cream and wearing cotton or hydrating  gloves and/or socks to bed. To maintain soft, healthy cuticles, apply cuticle cream or oil every few days.