Shake-up after Breakup

Shake-up after Breakup

Breakups are never fun, but a girl's gotta know when to cry, and when to shake things up. Go pamper yourself and get back to feeling good! If you're feeling down, look to your squad for support then glam up your look to get you feeling like yourself again.

It’s all about you!

Going through a breakup can be super stressful, but, on the flip side, you may find yourself with more precious "me time" so give yourself a little TLC. Treat yourself to a new outfit, a luxurious bath, face mask, or whatever makes you, feel like you.

An at-home spa night might just be what the doctor ordered. A soak with a bath bomb followed by a facial mask or hair treatment can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Take it up a notch with a great new nail color or trendy manicure. Treat yourself to imPRESS Press-On Manicure. You can change your look on a moment’s notice. Get a matching lipstick. Point is - get dolled up just for you, even if you're only planning a chill night at home with a little cathartic binge watching. Or, better yet? Grab a group of gals and give yourself a fun night out to blow off steam.

Still about “YOU” but it’s a Girls' Night Out

Give yourself ultra-pampering and when it's time to apply makeup, play with new color combos to give yourself a fun, flirty face, and pair your new makeup look with a fresh set of colorful nails. Playing with color on the outside can brighten your mood and put you in the mindset to let go of the past and have fun in the moment! Mix a few good friends, a cute new look, and a night out on the town. For best results, go somewhere you can listen to music and leave it all on the dance floor!

Being bummed about a breakup is normal, but take some time to take care of you and celebrate your newfound independence in the company of friends. Your best girls will know when to let you cry on their shoulder, and when to drag you onto the dance floor. So, trust your squad to take the lead, and show up with an open mind, even if you’re still mending a broken heart. Time does heal all wounds, and an awesome night out or in certainly helps with the healing process!