Winter Nail Care Tips

Winter Nail Care Tips

Winterize your Hand & Nail Care Routine

Sledding, skiing, building a snowman or getting cozy in front of a fireplace is fun, but cold weather and warm dry air can really zap the moisture from your hands and nails. This season, you’ll keep
cozy and beautiful with these super effective and budget-friendly weatherizing tips!

Rub it in:

The biggest favor you can do for your hands and nails is to apply hand cream or lotion every time they’ve been in water (hand washing, dishwashing, bathing, showering…you name it!). This little effort is like an insurance policy for your skin, sealing in moisture so you don’t get parched in the first place.

Battle brittle nails:

Going from warm air indoors to frigid cold outdoors can really dehydrate your nails. To fight back, keep your nails supple by rubbing in Vaseline or cuticle cream whenever you get a chance, and especially before bed. Another good option: shield your nails from the elements altogether by protecting them with false nails, like imPRESS ($7.99).

Mani support:

Shorter, square-shaped nails will always be stronger and sturdier. Also use a fine grade nail file, which is gentler on nails than a coarse file.

Fix rough cuticles:

Exfoliate your way to smoothness by rubbing a cleansing scrub or a mild abrasive like epsom salt or sugar into cuticles at least once a week. To do, dip wet fingers into the scrub, massage into cuticles, then rinse with warm water.

Prevent chapping:

Well hydrated hands and nails are less vulnerable to chapping. In addition to stepping up the use of moisturizer, treat your hands to a soothing hand mask treatment like Kiss Hand & Nail Argan Oil Hydrating Mask Gloves ($3.99), every few weeks or so. Another option: warm a pair of cotton gloves in the dryer; apply rich hand cream and slip gloves on before bed.

Glove up:

Going out in the cold and not wearing gloves is never a good mix. It’s equally important to wear rubber gloves for wet work. Also, try to avoid hot water altogether, and keep the use of drying agents like alcohol-based hand sanitizer and harsh cleaning products to a minimum.

First aid for cracked skin:

Massage vitamin e oil into affected skin until it heals, and continue treatment afterward. You can simply pierce a vitamin E gel capsule to release the oil, or you can pick up a bottle of vitamin E oil at the drugstore. 

Finally, plan a strategy to extend the life of your mani, since the use of nail polish remover and upkeep of salon acrylic nails and gel nails can be extremely drying. New gel nail polish stays put for up to 2 weeks, and if you choose press on nails over salon created false nails, your nails will thank you.