What Nails Reveal About Your Health

What Nails Reveal About Your Health

Awesome, healthy looking nails can pull your whole look together. But if your nails start looking freaky, don't ignore it! In fact, like a red warning light in a car, a change in nail condition can signal a problem or a change in your overall health. Here are some common changes to be on the lookout for.

Fast facts: On average, fingernails grow about 1/8? per month, nails on the same hand can grow at different rates & nails grow faster in summer & during pregnancy.

Ridges can mean different things, depending on whether they run horizontal or vertical. Horizontal ridges show where your nails experienced an injury or can occur if you're fighting a major illness. Fine vertical ridges, on the other hand, are normal signs of aging (just like fine lines on your skin).

Brittle Nails typically mean that they've been exposed to too many drying chemicals or other irritants, but if this condition lasts even after you've treated them to a break from nail polish or acrylics, it could be a symptom of hypothyroidism, a condition that means your thyroid (and often your metabolism) is running slowly.

Color Changes are commonly surface stains from external factors like smoking or wearing dark nail polish. Taking a break from polish can help nail color return to a normal color, and during that time you can still maintain a well-manicured look with imPRESS Press-on manicure. When nails change from healthy pink to pale white, it can sometimes signal a circulation problem, while white spots or red splinters under the nail are usually harmless and triggered by trauma to the nail.

Nail separating from the nail bed might be from a condition called "onycholysis." This situation can be brought on by injury or infection; for example, if you injure your fingertip, or receive a deep cut that gets infected.

To keep your nails looking super healthy, experts recommend you don't scrape or cut your cuticles because they serve as a natural barrier that protects against fungus, bacteria and other problems. Instead, soften cuticles with cuticle oil, then gently nudge them down using a cotton swab or cotton-wrapped orangewood stick. Try KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves to hydrate rough, dry hands and strengthen brittle nails. In addition, always file nails in one direction; the rough action of sawing back and forth can make nails more fragile. And if nothing else, never bite, pick, or peel your nails or cuticles!