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Trending: Nail Shapes

Trending: Nail Shapes

Once upon a time, the only choice we had for nail shapes was square and oval. While these two nail silhouettes are always in fashion, a slew of creative nail shapes and sizes are new options for you! Read on for new shapes to try for fall, and all year long!

  • Square. A classic, clean shape, square nails are great for short or medium length nails.

  • Oval. If you're into a slightly softer look, an oval nail shape features filed edges, but with rounded corners. This shape is super flattering and versatile. Try an easy press-on manicure with an ultra-fit oval shape!

  • Squoval. Can't decide between square and oval? Don't! Squoval nails combine the best of both worlds: a straight edge with a softened corner. Not sure if this shape is for you? Give it a try with an easy set of press-on nails that apply in just a few minutes.

  • Almond. A newer look that provides a cool base for nail art; almond nails are a flattering, rounded shape that works perfectly for someone who wants a little length without going to extremes. Nail experts note that this can be a hard shape to maintain for natural nails, but you can skip the trip to the nail salon and easily apply a set of almond false nails in the comfort of your own home.

  • Coffin. Ready for some high drama? Coffin nails, also known as "ballerina nails," are an eye catching statement and feature long, tapered edges with a squared off tip. 

  • Stiletto. The pointy cousin of the coffin nail, stilettos feature a wider base with a sharp tip, almost like the sexy high heel that gives this look its name. This shape looks amazing with glossy nail polish in bold colors of metallic glitter, and is great for a special event. Try a set of easy to apply stiletto nails and get ready to take your trendy look for a spin!

No matter what shape you choose, imPRESS and KISS Nails has got you covered with a range of styles to choose from that are all easy and safe to apply. Have fun getting your inspiration on, and be sure to share your at home manicure with us by tagging your look on social media!

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