Top 20 imPRESS Tips from IG/FB

Top 20 imPRESS Tips from IG/FB

We Asked – YOU Answered!

We are so very imPRESSed with our loyal and stylish followers who chimed in on our social and shared their clever imPRESS mani tips and tricks. There were so many great ideas and it looks like you all have your own very special way of applying and wearing your press-on nails. Here are twenty terrific tips we found on our feed...

1.     youravgchic: Put them on after you have showered/bathed for the night; don’t do lotion oils until the next day; continue to press on your nails for another 30 minutes while watching a show, they will adhere so much better. 

2.     azladybug45: Wipe your nails with white vinegar prior to using the alcohol pad, it’s an extra step for removing the oil from the nail.

3.     jennifersmydecadentlife: Take time to prep the nail! Buff and I really use the alcohol pad to remove oils. Mine will last a week+ when I do! 

4.     modestlyahdi: I always put my nails on in the car before an event while my husband drives, that way they have enough time to set during the drive and I can spend extra time getting ready at home.

5.     blyn99: Always buy two packs just in case.

6.     adriianabatista: If you seal the tips of your nails where it meets the impress nails with nail glue, it prevents water from getting between your nail and the impress nails and keeps them on longer! (Don’t put nail glue on the nails when you apply them- just under the nail tips once they’re on.)

7.     iamthe_mrs_pls: Make a note in your phone with size you wear on each finger! Cuts time in half so you don’t have to size them with every application!

8.     nailfastic83: I have a large craft storage box that I store my extra nails in. I pull that out when I want to mix and match to make a new look!

9.     Lexi Del Rey: Cut and file your nails as low as possible but also use the file on the top of the nail. It helps the glue stay better.

10.  Samantha Faye: I found I also add a little nail glue to my thumb and pointer fingers as those nails seem to become loose more often when I'm doing my daily tasks.

11.  Laura Simonsen: I always run my hands under hot water for a few minutes, and then apply rubbing alcohol. Nails stick better and for up to 2 weeks if your nails are warm when you apply.

12.  Sarah Coleman: File and shape nails next morning. This gives a chance for the glue to adhere to nail.

13.  Amanda Lesley:  Always do the smallest without going too small. Know your numbers! I use a thumb 3, pointer 9, middle 8, ring 7, pinkie 11. That way I can pick them out quickly and sort through!

14.  Kimberly Rumph: Removal: I slightly lift the nail on the side to the edge closest to cuticle. I use nail polish remover on a cotton ball and squeeze it under and let sit a little then do it a second up to a third time it will usually just easily rub off.

15.  Chris Nowak: Removal: using cuticle oil and letting it get under the artificial nail then wiggling them a bit to loosen them works well for me.

16.  kathy.alexander: Buy a couple of large daily pill dispensers (the kind with 7 compartments). Number the compartments 0 through 11. Put your leftover unused nails in these by size. Then pull them out when you want a mix and match mani or an accent nail.

17.  readsandbeads: To make them shorter use a clipper made for acrylic nails, it makes the perfect cut every time and doesn’t bend them.

18.  Brittany Lynn: I use the alcohol prep pad a couple times on my nails to absolutely make sure they are free of oils. I found that if I only do the alcohol once, I don't get all the oils.

19.  deefryer_: Carry a bottle of the @kissproducts nail glue in my purse just in case I get one caught on something or an edge becomes loose.

20.  acfellows: I mix and match from different #impressnails sets to come up with unique looks.


We wish we could post them all! A big shout out to all our awesome fans who chimed in with bright ideas on how to nail the perfect imPRESS mani! WE SERIOUSLY ❤️ ALL OF YOUR SUGGESTIONS...

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