TLC For Your Hands!

TLC For Your Hands!

Protect Your Hands From Premature Aging!

When you think about protecting your skin from signs of aging, you probably don't immediately think of your hands. Well considering how many different elements your hands are exposed to on a daily basis, it makes sense that they can age more quickly than some other parts of the body! Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. 

Practice TLC

Keeping your hands safe from the elements can be a challenge, but wearing gloves when outside in the cold is one of the best ways to prevent cracked and dry skin. If your job involves anything that may get your hands wet (such as washing dishes), be sure to wear waterproof gloves to avoid irritation and dryness. Using a quick-absorbing hand lotion after washing up can also help to prevent dryness, especially if you clean your hands frequently. Each night, apply a rich moisturizing cream right before bed…your skin will absorb the moisture and nutrients overnight and you'll wake up with softer, smoother hands. Also treat yourself to a hand mask. KISS Hand & Nail Mask Gloves ($3.99), enriched with Argan oil, Collagen and Vitamin E, are even touchscreen compatible so you can stay in touch while enjoying this spa treatment! Be sure to avoid changing nail polish often since polish remover can be drying to skin around the nails. Even better, give imPRESS Press-on manicure a try and avoid using remover altogether.

Prevent Sun Damage

Exposure to UV rays can cause premature signs of aging to appear anywhere on the skin—and the hands are no exception. It can be difficult to keep your hands protected with sunscreen alone, especially if you're washing your hands frequently. However, wearing a daily hand cream that contains sunscreen and re-applying it throughout the day is a great way to safeguard against sun exposure. Just apply it thoroughly to the backs of the hands and all the way up each finger for maximum protection against UV rays and the age spots they can cause. Wearing an opaque nail color can help to block UV rays (as if you needed another excuse to give yourself a manicure).

Those Pesky Age Spots

If you begin to notice age spots on your hands (these are generally dark splotches of color), ask your dermatologist about treatment options. While over-the-counter products don't tend to be very effective, prescription lightening creams and even laser treatments can help to reduce the appearance of age spots as they occur!