Nifty Gifty

Nifty Gifty

So many ways to imPRESS for the holidays!

We love to please our imPRESS lovers and we hate when they miss out on the latest looks, but year after year, our holiday and special designs sell out fast. Problem solved: Give a collection of imPRESS holiday and special occasion designs to imPRESS fans on your gift list (make it a selfie gift, too). If you cover all the bases–from Xmas to New Year’s, for Valentine’s Day and straight thru to Halloween– your gift recipient(s) (or you) will be mani-ready throughout the entire year (and you’ll earn FREE Shipping)!

Wrap it up! Here’s how to give a gift of Press-on manicures a personal touch:
* Tie the nail kits together with a bright ribbon and tuck them in a holiday stocking
* Arrange nail kits in a basket lined with a washcloth and add in mani tools like nail files, nail clippers and scented hand lotion
* For each mani style you are gifting, theme it to the occasion. For instance, accent holiday nails with a candy cane, adorn New Year’s nails with a bottle of champagne, sweeten up Valentine’s nails with a candy heart, enhance Easter Sunday designs with gourmet jelly beans, wrap wedding nails in tulle, and so on.

For starters, here are special designs in-stock (and on sale) right now… and check back for new holiday designs & special offers throughout the year.

Holiday Nails: Party Time, Say it Right
New Year’s Glam: Text Appeal, Inspiring Minds
Sporting Events:  Charity, Team Work
Valentine’s Day: Pop Star
Easter Sunday: Shooting Star, Barefoot
Welcome Spring: Dumb Love
Wedding Party: Lollipop, On Fire
July 4th: Bad Behavior
Summer: Scantily Clad
Halloween Nails: Psycho