How to Vacay on the Cheap

How to Vacay on the Cheap

Getting away from it all with your best girlfriends is the perfect way to blow off some steam and give yourself a much needed recharge. Read on for tips on how to plan an awesome girls' getaway, without breaking your budget!

Off the Beaten Path

Get a little creative and save some bucks on your next girls' trip. Instead of following the crowd and heading to Mexico for Spring Break or New Orleans for Mardi Gras, choose a more low-key destination or plan to go during the "off" season. You'll avoid the crowds, rates will be lower, and you’ll still get that awesome quality time with your girls. Remember, the most important thing isn't where you go, but who you take with you! Even a long train ride to somewhere local-ish can feel like an adventure if you go into it with the right spirit—and the right crowd!

Be DIY Divas

Pampering yourself is a maj part of what makes a good vacay, a good vacay, but the cost of a glam squad is, well, for celebrities. Plan to do-it yourself by packing fun, inexpensive self-care treats to share with each other. There's nothing better than a girls' bonding and pampering party spent putting on face masks or hair treatments and putting your daily stress on hold! After a ‘spa day’ of beauty treatments with your friends, in the evening you can get glammed up together for a night out! Don’t worry about those shabby nails; you can sport a trendy gel manicure in less than five minutes without breaking the bank. imPRESS Manicure applies without glue and there’s no dry time necessary so just press on a beautiful gel manicure that’s ready to use & go girls!

Stay All Day

Traveling on a budget can be such a bummer, especially if you're constantly reminded by all the fancy activities you're missing out on. No need to get bogged down by costly touristing when you can have a fun-filled staycation. Stay in and invite friends over for a foodie event and stage some impromptu kitchen photo shoots! Spend the day at the park or a botanical garden—surround yourself with nature for a respite from the daily grind—alone, on a date, or with friends. And whether you live near a beach, a lake or a pool, don’t forget to take a swim. Get on your favorite suit and go, even if it’s just to lie out in the sun! No matter how far you travel be sure to snap plenty of photos and they'll serve as inspiration when you and your ladies get the itch to hit the road for your next adventure!