How do you store imPRESS?

How do you store imPRESS?

So many of our mani mavens confess they can’t resist a fresh set of imPRESS nails, (some of you even consider it a hobby). Before you know it you have your own collection of nails. Recently we asked our social squad to share tips on the best way to store extra nails from your imPRESS press-on nails kit. And as usual our squad didn't disappoint. Here are all the amazing ideas you all submitted. Thanks to all that shared.


Oversized Bins

With so many fabulous nail designs it's easy to see how extra nails can start to pile up. That’s why Wenderz99 uses a storage bin to organize all of her leftover nails. She sorts nails by color groups. First she places any extra nails in a plastic baggie to keep all naisl from the same kit together. Maddie D has an entire dresser drawer devoted to her favorite nail designs. Do you need to store in bulk too.Jennifer B, Amber L, and Deborah H all do!

Divided Organizers

If bulk storage is too umm.. bulky, try craft and bead storage boxes. The multi-compartments are a great way to keep your favorite nail designs in one place where you can see all the designs at once. Letsgetgorjess has a really clever idea: She divides nails by size, so she can make her own custom mani mixes from leftover nails. Bead boxes work great too. x­_parrot puts has perfected her system. She organizes her leftover press-on nails in a bead box with assorted size rows and dividers. She places full sets in one row, another for toes, and space for prep pads, files and glue. Very clever. Cchism1228, Sabrinagrissom, Heather NJ Alexander, thetargetexplorer, rnb_natalie, and Carla F are super organizers too.

Pill Sorters & Fishing Tackle Boxes

Kimmy_1964ishere shared how she picked up several pill organizers from a local dollar store to organize all of her extra press-on nails. Lufta_shif stores leftover nails in pill boxes as well. She goes one step further with an entire drawer in her makeup table just for unopened imPRESS mani and pedi kits. A fishing tackle box is another great way to keep your extra nails organized. With perfectly sized compartments nails can be organized by size, shape and length. The fishing tackle boz is the perfect nail storage solution for blueeyedblonde317, and Sarainwunderland does the same.



Thank you to all who shared and commented! Clearly, there are so many options for organizing imPRESS Press-on Manicure, and we love to hear from you.