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Help for Dry Hands

Help for Dry Hands

You’re zealously washing your hands to fight the pandemic, but for many people this is leading to dry, itchy hands with painful cracking skin. You must not stop washing your hands, so here’s what you can do:


When excessive hand washing zaps natural skin oils, it gets increasingly difficult to replenish what’s lost. That’s when moisturizer is your best friend, and the thicker and greasier, the better (think petroleum jelly), to provide a protective barrier to the skin. Reapply after washing your hands, or the skin will quickly become dehydrated again.

Avoid harsh ‘stuff’:

Soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizers and dishwashing liquid exacerbate dry skin, so stick with a gentle cleanser when you can. Also, avoid hot water and limit the time you spend bathing and showering because heat is drying too.

Glove up:

Wear cotton lined rubber gloves for any wet work and dishwashing, and rejuvenate skin overnight by slathering your hands with a rich moisturizer and wearing cotton gloves to bed. Once a week, treat your hands to spa-caliber pampering, with Hand & Nail Mask Gloves ($2.99, Infused with Argan Oil, Collagen, and Vitamin E, these babies help rehab the driest, roughest skin.

Call in the big guns:

If skin gets really cracked, inflamed or irritated, call your doctor or dermatologist for advice.