Cold Weather TLC for nails, hair & more

Cold Weather TLC for nails, hair & more

Brrr Beauty: Cold Weather TLC for nails, hair & more

When cold weather and dry air form a double whammy it can really wreak havoc on your body and dry skin, chapped lips, brittle hair & other beauty bummers are inevitable. The good news: Overcoming winter woes is a cinch with these simple steps!

Dry Skin: Cold, wind, indoor heating and low humidity are a recipe for dry, itchy, flaky skin. And while nothing may sound better than a long, hot shower on a frigid day, hot water only further aggravates dry skin. Instead, try to keep your showers short and lukewarm-and be sure to slather body oil or lotion on damp skin soon after showering to lock in moisture before your skin gets a chance to dry out.

Chapped lips: Frigid temps, dry air, wind or even just licking your lips too much can trigger annoying and even painful chapping. Aside from using a moisturizing lip balm or lip gloss to keep your lips from drying out, you might give a gentle lip exfoliant a try. To DIY: Mix ½ tsp. petroleum jelly with 1 tsp. of any ground sugar, then gently scrub the mixture over your lip area. Rinse and then follow up with lip balm, lip gloss or more petroleum jelly to seal in moisture.

Brittle Hair: Exposure to cold and dryness can weaken hair, so if you're noticing increased brittleness or split ends, hair conditioner is your friend. Also, incorporating a weekly deep conditioning treatment into your routine is an awesome way to nourish your hair and scalp when it needs it most. And before using heat appliances (hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc.) be sure to use a protective thermal hair oil, styling gel or spray to avoid additional damage to your locks.

Rough Hands: Cracked, chapped and dry hands can be a real pain, so practice no-brainers like wearing rubber gloves for wet work, applying lotion after washing hands and wearing gloves on cold days. To really give your hands TLC, use a hand mask. To try: Kiss Hand & Nail Mask Gloves ($3.99), enriched with Argan oil, Collagen and Vitamin E. The gloves are even touchscreen compatible so you can stay in touch while enjoying this spa treatment! And of course, you can protect and further beautify your hands with a press-on manicure from imPRESS!

With these quick and simple beauty tips, you can keep your game on-point and your skin, hair and nails well protected all winter long!