Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

You put a lot of time and effort into gifts for friends and family, but don't forget to fill their stockings too! Make TFW you realize you forgot that stocking stuffers are a thing of the past (no more mad dashes through stores, grabbing so-so candy and ho-hum knick knacks). How fun is it when you surprise your loved ones and besties with stocking stuffers they literally ooh and aah over?

Hot Cocoa Mix

What's not to love about a mug of hot cocoa on a chilly winter night? It's the perfect stocking stuffer, especially when you make it extra special. Pour some store-bought cocoa mix into a cute little mason jar and plop in some mini-marshmallows. Add a pretty ribbon bow and your little gift is all set to go.

Cosmetic Bag

A new cosmetic bag makes a great stocking stuffer for your makeup loving BFFs. Even recipients who don't wear much makeup can put it to good use as a stash for nail polish, a travel bag for jewelry, and so much more. How about taking the gift up a notch by filling the bag with inexpensive eyeliners and lip gloss or an emery board and press-on nails (that create the perfect looking mani in an instant, for only $7.99!)?

Mani/Pedi Kit

Encourage your stocking stuffer recipients to pamper themselves by slipping a mani/pedi kit into their stocking. Complete with nail files, cuticle pushers, and cuticle oils, this is a great idea that anyone will appreciate. And if you really want to make their mani/pedi a breeze, include a one-step gel manicure kit in a design they'll love!

Cute Photo Frames

While most people store photos on their smart phones these days, it's always nice to have some actual prints of those favorite pictures. Stalk your friend/family member's social media and download some of the photos you see you think might be their fave, then print them out and pop them into a cute frame that can be displayed on a desk, bulletin board or nightstand!

A Key Chain Charger

For a stocking stuffer that's both unique and incredibly practical, consider a cute key chain charger. To the unassuming eye, these look just like any other keychain. However, they include a hidden, retractable cord that can be plugged into an outlet and used to charge a phone or other mobile device. Just make sure you get the right charger for their phone!

Stocking stuffers needn't be boring! All it takes is a little creativity and brainstorming to fill those stockings with small yet useful trinkets. Now, which of these will you stock up on for the holiday season?