Look Hot for V-Day

Look Hot for V-Day

The most romantic day of the year calls for lots of va-va-voom... and achieving it is easy as slicking on a bold lip, gluing on some glam lashes, and sporting a super sexy mani. Here’s how to instantly look and feel off the charts awesome!

Kissable Lips

Even if you rarely wear red lipstick, for Valentine's Day it's a must! Step outside your comfort zone with a velvety red lipstick in a matte kiss proof formula, or have fun with fuchsia. For the most dramatic and flattering finish, using a matching lip liner pencil to line just outside your natural lip line, then hitting the 'bow' of your lips with some shimmer powder, has an instant plumping effect! Browse JOAHbeauty.com for loads of lip options, including 8 different lipstick formulas and a choice of 64 shades.

Lush Lashes

Mascara can only do so much, so when you really need look-at-me lashes, falsies are the way to go. Whether you prefer a flashy or a natural effect, strip lashes will instantly up your date night allure. For lashes to the max, check out the style options for Blowout Lash from KISS, and for lashes in a snap, new Magnetic Lashes go on and wear beautifully, without any effort.

Gorgeous Nails

For a V-Day manicure, the longer and brighter, the better. But when it comes to sitting at a salon getting your nails done and dry, you’ve got "glammer" things to do! With an easy press-on manicure, you can get the look you want in minutes, without investing your precious time or money.

Whether it's date-night or just an excuse to get dolled up, count on these festive Valentine's Day ideas to help make you look and feel extra special.