Look Good, Feel Good Winter Hands

Look Good, Feel Good Winter Hands

Your hands are the most exposed extremities in winter and bare hands on cold, blustery days get dry, dull and ashy. Here are some helpful tips to keep your hands and nails looking fresh all winter long.

1. Drink plenty of water! It’s a healthy hydrator for our skin every season of the year, but in winter especially, drinking water is essential to replenish our skin’s moisture.

2. Wash hands with non-drying cleanser! Soaps can be drying, more specifically hand sanitizers. Our suggestion for wintertime wash-up is to use milk-based, hypoallergenic, and/or fragrance-free soaps with no alcohol. It’ll help reduce the loss of moisture in your hands.

3. Exfoliate! When skin is dried out it stops shedding dead skin cells so we need to help it along on colder days. Scrub hands with gentle exfoliator two or three times a week. This helps remove the dead skin layer leaving a more refreshed surface so moisturizers can be easily absorbed.

4. Wear Sunscreen! Let your moisturizer multitask and serve as sunscreen, too! If you live in an area where snow falls, winter sun and snow glare can harm your skin. Wear a non-greasy, quick-absorbing hand lotion with SPF to hydrate your hands from within and help your mani look fresh, too.

5. Cuticle Oil! Applying cuticle oil at the base of your nails in between applications will keep nails and cuticles hydrated and healthy.


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