ImPRESS has a new Ultra-Fit!

imPRESS has a new Ultra-Fit!

imPRESS has a new Ultra-Fit! 

Since 2012, imPRESS has been the market leader in stylish, well-fitting press-on nails that look great, save time, and never do damage to your natural nails.

Our latest offering is just what you've come to expect from imPRESS, and more. With a brand new Ultra-Fit Design, imPRESS is leading the way in elegant, DIY nail technology. So, what can you expect from Ultra-Fit press-on nails?

Thinner, Lighter Nails

A thinner nail means that it's easier than ever to achieve a snug, comfortable fit without any gaps or lifting. The nail is shaped with a contoured fit and tapered cuticle, which allows for a seamless natural look and fit.

To start rocking the Ultra-Fit look today, just prep your natural nails by removing any natural oils or leftover polish or gel, then press on and shape your Ultra-Fit nails in a matter of minutes. The result is a professional looking gel manicure for a fraction of the cost and time investment as a salon visit. Just think what you can do with the time and money you'll save!

Excellent Hold Without the Fuss

Acrylic or gel nails done in a salon can be an expensive and time consuming affair, but imPRESS Ultra-Fit press-on nails feature advanced technology to give you the superior quality hold you want without the time or expense.

With new Ultra-Fit Design, imPRESS Press-On Manicure is now slimmer yet stronger resulting in the most natural looking fit. A patented SuperHold Dual-Layer Adhesive is the secret science behind our perfect, long lasting press-on manicure. The eye-catching, trendy top layer adheres firmly to the artificial nail surface, while the nail itself is formulated to stay flexible and follow the contours of your natural nail. imPRESS is safe on natural nails and doesn't require any messy glues or adhesives, which makes removal easy, safe, and mess free.

The latest Ultra-Fit imPRESS kits are now available, with on trend styles to choose from and more stylish designs to come. A full kit comes with 30 nails (including 6 accent nails), a nail prep pad, plus a cuticle stick and mini file. Try a kit today, and get ready to imPRESS!