How-to Wear Your Spirit: Quick Tips

How-to Wear Your Spirit: Quick Tips

Whether roaring your heart out in the stands or giving your all to the team, you know that showing your pride loud and proud is half the fun of the game! How do you best express your spirit? Read on for tips to give your team spirit a trendy upgrade!

Colored Hair, Don’t Care

Convey your true team hues with colorful ribbons intertwined with braids for a boho-chic look or position and place color-coordinated clips throughout your hair for a feminine, festival flair. If you want to really go for the gold consider adding in some colorful hair extensions to match or totally commit yourself by dying a bright streak through your hair to show you've got spirit and style! Maybe pre-event, organize a fun friend project and create customized hair accessories by threading colorful beads on a shoelace or ribbon, then wrap it through a braid or around a bun. It'll be a cute, sweat-friendly style to show your solidarity and team spirit while giving you and your girls a unique finish.

Thumbs Up!

If you show your pride by playing hard, coordinating a fancy manicure could be difficult to maintain. Opt for a quick, easy press-on manicure that not only has the durability for lasting but looks super cute for a fun way to incorporate team colors into your sporty-spirit style. You can keep your mani short and game-day ready, while still sharing pops of color that show you're representin' 24/7. Check out these cool nails that don’t need dry time; just peel, apply and they’ll stay put and perfect.

Hue Go, Girl

Rock your favorite team's uniform or jersey and pile on the color-coordinated accessories with rows of braided bracelets in your colors, or go full-frontal with face paint and make a major—but temporary—statement all over your face! And when the season calls for cool-girl cozy, accessorize from the stands with a plush, color-block scarf that shows off your team tones. You can wear a trendy infinity scarf or a big, fluffy blanket that conveys your spirit while keeping snug as a bug.

Mix and match your team spirit, or pile it all on to be a super-fan fashionista. Either way, you're sure to show your favorite squad that you've got the spirit to last all season long.