Hot Looks for V-Day

Hot Looks for V-Day

Hot Looks for V-Day  

Cupid is just around the corner—and whether you’re dining out with a hot date or you simply want to take some great selfies, we've got ideas to help keep you lookin’ hot on V-day!

Voluminous Hair

Big, voluminous hair is sexy, and you don't need to spend money on a blowout at your favorite salon to get the look. There are plenty of DIY ways to add volume to your 'do! For example, flipping your head upside down as you blow dry, pulling hair up and away from the roots, instantly gives your tresses a boost. For even more finesse, spritz your roots with a strong-hold hairspray after you've styled.

Kissable Lips

Valentine's Day is also the perfect excuse to rock out a bold lip color that’s outside your comfort zone. Try a deep, sultry red or something a little trendier, like bright purple or pink. For best results, exfoliate your lips gently using an old, clean damp toothbrush before applying your lip color. This will help to remove dead skin cells and ensure smooth application. Using a lip liner and lining just outside your natural lip line will really “plump” up your lips!

Lush Lashes

Experiment with false lashes for an eye-catching “look-at-me” look! They're actually easy to apply, especially if you use a lash applicator. And new sexy lash styles, like Blowout Lash from KISS, will instantly amp up your date night allure. Start by lining your top lid with your favorite black eyeliner; this will help falsies blend in with your lash line after application. Use a waterproof lash glue to apply lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible. If needed, touch up the eyeliner on your top lid for a bold, sexy look!

Glam Nails

Treat yourself to a V-Day manicure! imPRESS offers a one-step gel mani with all kinds of creative nail designs, accents and colors that are perfect for this romantic holiday. From metallic to mattes and everything in between, you'll find options to suit you. And with an easy press-on manicure, you can get the look you want without spending hours in the nail salon.

Alluring Scents

Turn up the heat by switching things up from your usual scent! Consider experimenting with something that breaks the mold. For instance, single note fragrances like tangy grapefruit or rose are really big at the moment. If you love it, you might even make it your new signature scent for all occasions.

Whether you've got date-night plans with your significant other or are just happy for any excuse to get dolled up, these festive Valentine's Day looks are worth giving a try.