Have you heard about the French?

Have you heard about the French?


Weddings, graduations and summer plans are all ideal opportunities to rock a fresh set of French tips or, even better, French tips & toes! That’s right, the classic French manicure is back and better than ever, with countless new DIY styles to suit your individualism.

The origin of the French nail has been debated in the cosmetics industry, but most fans agree that the creator was Jeff Pink, head of Orly cosmetics in the 1970s. The look of natural pink nails with white tips was popularized in part because it saved Hollywood makeup artists some time—they could rely on the neutral, goes-with-everything French manicure, as opposed to changing polish for starlets with every new costume!

A classic French design never goes out of fashion. While the look is forever popular, a major drawback has been that it’s more time consuming and pricier than regular nail polish. Well here’s NEWS: Thanks to the ease of press-on French manicure styles, now there are totally awesome (and not time consuming!) options to choose from, with a wide range of colors, designs, and textures. And starting right now, there’s a toe-tally new press-on French pedi for your toes! With the imPRESS range of press-on manicures and pedicures, it’s never been simpler to change up your mani and pedi in a flash, and experiment with bolder looks that build off the lasting elegance of fancy French nails.

Looking for more ideas on how to take these classic nails and make them your own? Mix it up with a press-on manicure set that includes glitter accent nails to contrast with a classic French manicure. Or, go for rhinestone tips to bling up this classic style! Incorporating black tips, or black nail bed, can also be a fierce statement, as is playing with various colors or textures, including lace detail or a chrome finish.

The key to finding your perfect French style is to be true to yourself. Follow your heart, and choose the nails that best reflect your glittery, rhinestone, or bold rainbow soul!