Go from BLAH to WOW in an instant!

Go from BLAH to WOW in an instant!


Whether it's a last minute job interview, a hot date or a flashy affair, primping needn't call for lots of pampering time, or money. When you need to be a superstar, STAT, we've got you covered! These quick fixes will help you get glam in a hurry.

Befriend Falsies: Wearing false lashes is the quickest way to totally glam up your eyes. If you haven't tried them, ever (or in a while), there are new options that look and feel totally natural while adding some va-va-voom volume to your eyes. KISS features every lash design, length, texture and volume imaginable, so you're sure to find one for you. And if you're a novice or just "all thumbs," use a lash applicator to apply your lashes and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to do.

Create an Alluring Eye: Nothing says instant glam like a smoky eye effect. To do, use a gel eye pencil or a felt-tipped liner pen to line your upper and lower lashline, then use a stiff liner brush to smudge the liner into your lashline. Finally, sweep dark smoky shadow over the smudged liner and on your lids. Then blend, blend, blend and voila!

Build-a-Brow: Want to look better in 30 seconds? Enhancing your brows is guaranteed to give you a whole new look. To do, brush brows upwards using colored brow gel, then fill in sparse spots with brow powder or matte eye shadow that matches your brow color.

Power your Pout: Use lip liner to line just outside the rim of your natural lip line, then fill in with a bright shade of long-lasting lip color. Avoid using gloss because unless you have the opportunity to reapply, the shine is short lived.

Mind your Manis: No time for your nails? Get a flawless custom-looking mani in an instant with NEW imPRESS SpecialFX press-on gel nails. Choose from glitter, chrome, holographic & more finishes, no glue or drying time required.

Statement Piece: A bright silk scarf. An immaculate black wool beret. A pair of neon heels. Add a bold accessory to a casual day time look and turn your look from ho-hum to "who's that?!"

Don't be a slouch: Stand up straight and suck in your tummy and you'll instantly look stronger, slimmer and more confident!

Signature Scent: Finally, if you've got only seconds to make a major impression, stock up on a few signature scents to play with. Once you find the one that truly captures your style, carry it with you, and use a quick spritz before that big meeting, first date, or major moment.

Got a favorite fast beauty tip you swear by? We'd love to hear it! Check in to our IG or Facebook page to get in touch, and let us know how you go from Blah to WOW every day!