Get the Best Nail Shape for You!

Get the Best Nail Shape for You!

Find the best nail shape for you. Big News in The Nail Game! Get the Best Shape & Length for You.

Short or long? Square or oval? The options have really grown, with mani mania reaching new levels:  #nails has nearly 83 million Instagram posts (surpassing #cats, with around 65 million posts, and it leaves #kimkardashianwest 3 million posts in the dust). Amidst all the rage, here are the most wearable (and Instagram-worthy) nail styles and shapes.

About lengths:

Should you go short or extreme? Nail experts say short is the go-to if your nails are weak, if you have short nail beds, or if your job calls for neatly trimmed nails. The stronger your nails are, the longer you can go. But now, everyone can wear longer nails (even if yours are short, weak, or even stubby from being bitten) with this big news in the press-on nail game: everybody’s favorite nails now come in NEW Medium Length! Featuring all the benefits of imPRESS, these one-step gel nails are designed to fit everyone, and if your nail bed is a bit long for imPRESS traditional short length, you’ll absolutely love the new mediums!

About shapes:

Square:  Flat tips with straight corners, the broadness of this shape gives nails extra support. A great choice for short and medium nail lengths, imPRESS offers so many colors and designs.

Squoval: Square/oval nails are the most versatile option, and this happy medium also gives nails extra support. Check out imPRESS nails in classic short and NEW medium lengths. The shape is slightly more squared but with squoval softness at the edges.

Round:  Another good look for short to medium nails, this shape provides extra support.

Oval:  Possibly the most popular nail shape right now, filing nails to delicate ovals makes fingers look longer and more feminine. imPRESS press-on manicure also offers select styles in an oval shape.

Almond: With narrow sides, like ovals, this fashion-forward shape comes to a peak at the tip that resembles an almond.

Stiletto:  Basically almond-shaped nails with a pointed tip (like a stiletto heel), stiletto nails are super popular with celebrities and on fashion runways. Since the shape is narrow, natural stiletto nails tend to lack strength, so stiletto lovers opt for false nail tips or glue-on artificial nails, like KISS Jelly Fantasy Nails Be Jelly.

Coffin: Kylie Jenner's fave nail shape, this on-trend style is like the stiletto, but with a square tip. Some call them coffin nails, since they're shaped like a coffin, but they’re also known as ballerina nails since the shape looks like a ballet slipper, too.