Rock the Best Red for Hue!

Rock the Best Red for Hue!

Get Ready to Rock the Best Red for Hue!

What's not to love about red? Nada! But keep in mind that, with so many variations, it isn't a one-choice color…and not all reds flatter everybody! That said, don't get caught [not] in the red this month, especially for National Wear Red Day and, of course, on Valentine's Day. Here, pointers on how to find the most flattering hue for you.

Your skin tone:

For fair skin, classic reds with cool blue undertones brighten even the palest complexion without overpowering. Think pinkish casts like cherry, cranberry and raspberry.

Medium skin can carry off all reds-ruby, scarlet, rose, you name it. But if orange or coral reds might make you look drab, steer clear!

With olive skin, orange-infused reds provide an instant pick-me-up and, in your case, can also counteract yellow undertones. 

Dark skin can handle just about any red, especially dramatic bolds like burgundy, ruby or plum. 

About red nails:

You'll look awesome in the same tones that most flatter your skin. Whether your nails are long or short, classic red, blood orange, wine, burgundy or magenta are always right on. And if your nails aren't looking up to par or there's zero time for a decent mani, get a perfect "10" in an instant with press-on gel nails. Try imPRESS Red Carpet Moment by Christian Siriano, totally sultry, and Tweetheart-with red glitter accents, they're all about glam.

Red hot fashion:

Red is so ‘look-at-me,’ it’s no wonder stars wear it to be red-carpet ready! To many actresses, female politicians and just about everyone else, red makes the wearer feel empowered.  A red dress has been a long-standing beacon of strength,\ while adding “pops” of color (hello, color blocking) can make an otherwise neutral outfit look sensational!  Consider: jewelry, a belt or a scarf, or, for the most iconic red, slip on a pair of ruby slippers.

Whether its makeup, clothes or accessories, have fun with red and incorporate it into your style scheme, for special days or all year long.

"When in doubt, wear red." Bill Blass, iconic fashion designer.