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Trending on Pinterest

Don’t Miss These Top Beauty Pins on Pinterest!

With 48 million beauty Pinners, beauty is booming on Pinterest. What’s the big news? These top trend predictions to try, right NOW!


Next-level lashes:

Lash lovers unite! False lashes are the #1 beauty trend for 2018. In fact, Pinterest reports a 152% increase in searches for falsies. KISS lashes are major players in the category, with loads of lashes, including the NEW Lash Couture Triple Push-Up Collection.


Orange is the new black:

Pinterest declares Orange as the color of the summer! Work it with summer sunglasses, sandals, jewelry and makeup. You’ll really nail the look with imPRESS Orange Gel Nails in styles such as “Dedication” and “Cheer”.

Do the summer slide:

Slide sandals are the perfect flats. The style gives your toes full exposure, so if yours are not pedi ready, get them that way in a minute with imPRESS Press-on Pedicure.

Pumped up Oil:

Who knew that beauty oils cleanse, moisturize, strengthen, add shine, soften, and more. While basic beauty moisturizers are humectants (which draw water into hair, skin and nails), oil is the gatekeeper that keeps the moisture from escaping. In fact, Pinterest reports that saves for “cleansing oil” are up a whopping +555%!


Makeup matches:

Complexion matching makeup is a big deal, and now more cosmetics companies offer them. Ditto for nails, with KISS Salon Acrylic NUDE French Nails Collection. Pinterest saves for “complexion matching” are up +378%!


GEO Nails:

Geometric nail design choices are endless, ranging from super complicated to so simple. There’s also a tremendous range in prices: complex custom designs are the priciest and most time consuming, while imPRESS Press-on Manicure, with nails that are pre-designed, takes a minute to apply and costs $7.99 (and that’s when they’re not on sale). The only problem is picking which press-on nail design to wear when. On Pinterest, searches for “geometric nails” are up +83%.

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