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Cuticles: To Cut or Not by Gina Edwards

Cuticles: To Cut or Not by Gina Edwards

We sat down with resident expert on all things nails, Gina Edwards to talk cuticles. Here's what we found out!

Our cuticles are made up of epidermis (skin) layers that act as a barrier for the center of your nail. This barrier protects from the outside elements such as bacteria or harmful agents from seeping through to your cuticle thereby preventing infection.

Grooming your cuticles are more for aesthetic purposes, but doing so allows nails a healthier look. In most cases, it’s best to push back with a manicure stick and lightly trim. As a professional you should never cut your cuticles. Doing so will promote faster cuticle growth and can cause splitting, peeling and extend to the skin that meets with your nail. If you do need to cut them, we recommend lightly trimming the cuticles by removing the skin that is extending over the nail surface. Gently hold the skin with the nipper, press and release... NEVER pull! If you pull at the skin it can cause bleeding and make your mani look messy.

Cuticles get dry and can crack or peel. It is highly recommended to add natural oils to your cuticles to keep them hydrated and healthy. Avoid mineral or synthetic-based products, which don't penetrate through the skin. Apply to cuticles and nails daily, massaging in to improve circulation while stimulating new nail growth.