Cold Weather Remedies for Hands

Cold Weather Remedies for Hands

Cold Weather Remedies for Hands & Nails

By Janene Mascarella

Brrr... Winter is HERE! Prepare to brace your hands and nails for the big freeze, because when the temps start to dip, you’re at risk for ragged and rough cuticles, brittle nails and cracked hands... oh what (NOT!) fun!

When it comes to skin care, people tend to put their time and effort into face care, but the hands and nails are commonly overlooked. It’s unfortunate, because in addition to chapping and dryness from the cold outdoors, switching from indoors (hot, dry air) to outdoors (frosty air), exposes you to temperature extremes that can really wreak havoc on your hands and nails.

Here's how to protect your hands this winter with tips to prevent and treat dry chapped hands.

1. Hydrate: This tops every beauty care list, and for good reason. If your skin is ever feeling dry, tight and flaky, or your nails are brittle and breaking easily–chances are, dehydration is to blame. Make sure you are drinking ample amounts of water. Staying hydrated can seriously help your nails stay strong. 8 glasses a day is recommended.

2. Moisturize: Dry skin is less resilient and prone to wrinkling and worse cracking. The best tip: every time you use a treatment on your face: scrub, serum, moisturizer…use the excess (that’s already on your hands) on the tops of your hands and cuticles. In addition, stash a small hand cream in your bag, and use it often through the day.

3. Protect: Wear gloves outdoors to help keep your hands moisturized and protected from the cold, dry air and the harsh elements. Also wear nail polish to give nails some extra strength and prevent them from getting brittle, or wear imPRESS nails–they not only look great, they act as a barrier to protect your natural nails as well!

4. Treat: To keep hands soft and supple, try this: set aside 2 pieces of plastic wrap or 2 disposable baggies. Heat ½ cup of olive oil in a small glass bowl in the microwave for about 15 seconds. (Be careful not to overheat!!) Massage the warm oil into cuticles, then rub all over hands. Next, wrap your hands in plastic wrap or slip them into disposable baggies. Sit back and chillax for 10 mins or more, then unwrap and pat your hands dry!