Best Beauty Masks

Best Beauty Masks

Best Beauty Masks  

If you haven’t had a chance to indulge yet, facial sheet masks are real beauty game-changers; they not only deliver big-time results...the best ones are under $3 and you can DIY in just 15 minutes! A major K-beauty player, these products are trending across the US. In fact, you’ve probably viewed your share of social media posts of celebrities and supermodels showing off their sheet mask-clad selfies!

Is it hope or hype? Sheet masks–along with hand and foot masks–are beauty superpowers, delivering concentrated ingredients deep into the skin, where they do the most good. Plus, the simple fact that a serum or gel has a layer over it (usually breathable cotton, linen or bamboo) makes it a beneficial moisturizing treatment on its own.

Sheet masks cover the skin care gamut, with options for every specific need. For instance, the KISS Facial Sheet Mask collection includes charcoal to minimize pores, cucumber soothes, lemon brightens, coconut water hydrates, aloe moisturizes, honey nourishes, and African black soap purifies.

There’s also the pampering aspect of a spa treatment.  Imagine this: you light a candle, make a cup of tea, turn on soft music, place a serum-infused natural fiber mask on your face, and chillax while the sheet mask goes to’s that easy!

Or go all out and make it a spa day! Foot & Toenail Mask Socks by KISS are as decadent as they sound, but their function is purely therapeutic. Your tired tootsies will love you for lavishing them with shea butter, macadamia oil, and calming lavender. After just 15-20 minutes your feet will look and feel as though you’ve spent an hour in the salon.

Once your feet look red-carpet ready, next up are your hard-working hands. To try: Hand & Nail Mask Gloves by KISS hydrate with argan oil, collagen, and vitamin E to nourish the driest, roughest skin. In short, after wearing these babies, your hands will feel as soft as if you never had to clean house, lift at the gym, multitask at work and spend almost 24/7 putting them to work. While you’re at it, pamper your mask-nourished nails with an instant press-on mani from imPRESS.

A real convenience for travel, sheet masks and hand and foot masks are sized to tuck inside a carry-on for a long flight. You needn’t feel self-conscious while you multitask, counteracting the dry air in a plane…and if you’re wearing head-to-toe masks, look around you… you’re probably not alone!