Beauti-rrific New Year's Resolutions

Beauti-rrific New Year's Resolutions

Beauti-rrific New Year's Resolutions

While you're in planning mode for what to wear, who to hang with & where to chill to welcome in 2018, add this to your to-do list: Make a few realistic resolutions that will help you look great and feel fab in the coming year. Here, a few updates to consider, plus tips for sticking with them.

Vow to Wash Your Face Before Bed

You know it's a no-no for your skin but at the end of the day, you don't always have the energy to wash your face. We get it, but do your complexion a big favor by not sleeping with your makeup on! The no-excuse solution: stash a pack of makeup removal wipes by your bed. Quicker and more convenient than a face wash, you can use them as a final step before you get some Zzzs.

Pamper Your Hands and Feet

Still rocking that chipped toenail polish from Thanksgiving? Are your hands and feet super dry or even callused? If so, make this the year to start serious pampering. Practice good habits like applying hand lotion and foot cream every night before bed. Also, turn your DIY mani/pedi into an at-home spa treatment with help from KISS Hydrating Mask Gloves and Hydrating Mask Socks.

Banish Bad Habits

If you're a cuticle picker you know it not only looks ugh…damaged cuticles can really hurt! It's easier to break the habit if your cuticles are too soft to fuss with. To do, coat cuticles with olive or coconut oil for a few minutes, then nudge cuticles down with a cuticle stick or cotton swab. Nail biting is an extremely tricky habit to break, but you can increase your chances of success by wearing false nails. The reason: restricting access to your nails puts them out of sight, out of reach and hopefully impossible to bite! For artificial nails in an instant, give imPRESS press-on manicure a try!

Give Your Hair TLC

Are you harsh on your hair? To treat your tresses gently, brush from the ends up to safely detangle, wait until hair is nearly dry before using heat appliances and be sure to apply a styling serum or thermal protection product before blow drying, curling or flat ironing. Give your hair a break altogether with "beachy" waves, a top knot or low bun, a half pony or braids and other heat-free options.

Switch up Your Makeup

Do you tend to use the same products and apply makeup the same way every day? Well it's time to get out of a rut and revamp your routine, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Don't be afraid to try liquid liner for a dramatic touch, and if your eyes are small or your lashes are sparse you'll be amazed how false eyelashes can make you look so much more awesome!

Which of these beauty resolutions are you ready to commit to for the New Year? No matter which you choose you'll be doing your body a favor!