Are You The Perfect Party Guest?

Are You The Perfect Party Guest?

Holiday party season is a great time to celebrate and reconnect with friends and family! But the holidays can also be a stressful time of year, especially for party hosts who want to ensure that everything goes just right. Do you have impeccable party etiquette or are you guilty of a party foul or two? Follow our quick tips below and be the best party guest you can be this holiday season!

Perfect Party Guests "Dos"

  • • Bring something thoughtful. It's always good form to read the invitation or check with the host about what you should bring. If you're told to just bring yourself, some fresh flowers or a bottle of wine or spirits for the host is always appreciated!
  • • Arrive on time. Use your best party etiquette to show up in that golden window between "too early" and "too late." Holiday party season can be a busy time of the year, so streamline your beauty routine with a quick and pretty press-on manicure so you don't miss out on the fun because you're stuck fanning your wet nails!
  • • Get in the party spirit! Holiday parties are a great time to meet some new people. Plan to "circulate" through the party, and don't be shy about introducing yourself. Be sure to drink responsibly (and legally-21+only please) so you don't end up making a sloppy introduction, but it's totally appropriate to enjoy a little festive bubbly or cocktail to break the ice with new friends!

Perfect Party Guest "Don'ts"!

  • • Bring your stress to the party. Schedules and lives can get super hectic around the holidays, so do your best to leave your stress at the door and come ready to relax and celebrate with friends.
  • • Show up too early...or too late! Unless you've made arrangements with the host beforehand, never show up early to a party. Your host needs those last few minutes to get ready! On the flip side, don't leave your own glam routine until the last minute; do your makeup, hair and nails with plenty of time left to arrive to enjoy the party. Remember-there's a difference between fashionably late and too late!
  • • Absorb your host's time. Give your host some space, even if she's your bestie! Good party hosts like to connect with all of their guests, so plan to relax and socialize with the other party-goers instead of treating your friend's holiday party like a one-on-one hang. A fun way to fit in some quality time is to offer to get ready together before the party. You can help her organize drinks and snacks and decorations, or even help her out with a quick makeover session or speedy mani so she's looking her best for her big night!

Holiday party season only comes once a year, so click "Yes" on those invites, send out those RSVPs, and get ready to celebrate the season right! Happy holidays!